Life time federal taxes calculator


What is this?

Tax calculator


Annual tax breakdown

Based on your salary, your annual tax payment to the Federal Government is probably around: $0


of your salary goes to the Federal Government.

And is broken down into three categories:

  • Medicare 0%
  • Social security 0%
  • Income taxes 0%

Projection over 35 years

Now, let’s aggregate that over the next 35 years to find out approximately how much you’ll pay to the Federal Government over your working life, as well as the potential opportunity cost.

Lifetime taxes $0
  • Medicare $0
  • Social security $0
  • Income taxes $0
Opportunity cost $0

What is opportunity cost?

The cost of an item isn't just what you pay out of pocket, but also the loss of other alternatives. Let's say instead of paying taxes, you invested that money every year for an average rate of return of 5% annually. After 15 or 20 years, it turns into a significant yearly income. Think of all the burritos you could buy!

Breakdown of spending

Depressing, right? It’s probably best not to think about that. Afterall, nothing in life is certain except death and taxes (said someone on the internet). So where does all that money go? Taking the White House tax receipt, we have consolidated how much you contribute to the following government programs every year.

Health care $0

National defense $0

Low income assist. $0

Net interest $0

Veterans benefits $0

Education $0

Law enforcement $0

Intl. affairs $0

Energy & environ. $0

Science & tech $0

Want more examples?

Let’s get even more specific! These are some recent events that you personally contributed to over the course of the last ten years. And you thought that you don’t make a difference!

Spanning over 10 years, the Iraq War cost the US a total of $3 trillion. Over the course of the war, you contributed:


Remember the huge loan we gave Wall Street a few years back? We sure do! You generously loaned the banks:


The Affordable Care Act will add $140 billion in new administrative costs per year, your annual portion will be:


And how about that election?

We started building this tool before election day (which now feels like ages ago). The numbers below reflect the impact of each candidate's proposed tax plan on your monthly take home pay.

While the Donald has filed for Chapter 11, with him now as POTUS, you probably won’t have to. This is how much you'll save a month:


Barring an enormous raise, you would payed about the same with Hillary in the White House.


Just for kicks, this is how much more you would have paid under everyone’s favorite Democratic Socialist:


Cool, taxes suck. Now what?

Well, there’s not much you can do. And not all taxes suck if they’re being used to fund programs that you support. Don’t worry, this isn’t a site that was built to sell you anything. Just purely informational. But if you want to share it, we won’t object! Don’t those buttons just look so clickable?